Appliances are integral to modern living, providing convenience and efficiency in our daily routines. However, their longevity is not just a matter of manufacturing quality but also how they are used and maintained. The average lifespan of household appliances varies: refrigerators typically last about 13 years, washing machines 10 years, and dishwashers around 9 years. Daily habits play a crucial role in these figures. Overloading washing machines, failing to clean refrigerator coils, or ignoring dishwasher filters can significantly reduce their operational life. Simple practices such as regular maintenance, mindful usage, and prompt repairs can enhance durability and performance. Understanding these factors helps homeowners make informed decisions, ensuring their appliances serve longer, function better, and ultimately save money by delaying costly replacements. By adopting good habits and maintaining regular upkeep, we can maximize the lifespan of our household appliances, contributing to more sustainable living.

Infographic provided by PartsWarehouse, a provider of whirlpool parts online