Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States, is a hidden gem on the East Coast, known for its stunning coastal scenery, historic landmarks, and vibrant cultural scene. It’s an ideal destination for those seeking a luxurious getaway. Our curated selection of the finest holiday houses in Rhode Island offers unparalleled comfort, elegance, and exclusive amenities, ensuring a truly memorable experience.

Unmatched Coastal Retreats

Oceanfront Elegance in Newport

Newport, renowned for its opulent Gilded Age mansions, offers some of the most exquisite holiday houses with breathtaking ocean views. These properties often feature private beach access, gourmet kitchens, and spacious terraces perfect for soaking in the sunset. Staying in one of Newport’s oceanfront homes means being just minutes away from historic sites like The Breakers and the Cliff Walk, providing a perfect blend of luxury and history.

Seaside Serenity in Narragansett

Narragansett’s holiday houses provide a tranquil escape with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. These homes are designed to offer the utmost comfort with modern interiors, private pools, and expansive decks. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll on the beach or surfing the waves, Narragansett’s coastal retreats cater to every desire, making it a prime spot for luxury vacations.

Historic Charm Meets Modern Luxury

Colonial Splendor in Providence

Providence, the capital city, seamlessly blends historic charm with contemporary luxury. Holiday houses here are often restored colonial mansions that boast original architectural details alongside modern amenities like state-of-the-art kitchens, spa bathrooms, and smart home technology. Staying in Providence allows you to explore the rich cultural tapestry of the city, including the Rhode Island School of Design Museum and the historic East Side.

Timeless Beauty in Bristol

Bristol, known for its historic waterfront and quaint streets, offers holiday homes that reflect the town’s timeless beauty. These properties often feature classic New England architecture, lush gardens, and dock access for boating enthusiasts. Enjoy the serenity of the Bristol Harbor and the charm of the local boutiques and restaurants, all while staying in a luxurious home that feels like a step back in time.

Exclusive Amenities for Ultimate Comfort

Private Pools and Spas

Many of Rhode Island’s finest holiday houses come equipped with private pools and spa facilities, offering guests the opportunity to unwind in complete privacy. These amenities often include heated pools, Jacuzzis, saunas, and massage rooms, ensuring a relaxing and rejuvenating stay.

Gourmet Kitchens and Private Chefs

For those who love to cook or prefer gourmet meals prepared by a professional, holiday houses in. Rhode Island frequently feature gourmet kitchens equipped with high-end appliances and private chef services. Enjoy personalized culinary experiences in the comfort of your own luxury home, with menus tailored to your tastes and dietary preferences.

Entertainment and Recreation

To ensure guests have everything they need for an enjoyable stay, many holiday houses offer a range of entertainment options. These can include home theaters, game rooms, tennis courts, and private beaches. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or a corporate retreat, these homes provide ample opportunities for leisure and fun.

Breathtaking Locations and Activities

Exclusive Beach Access

Rhode Island’s finest holiday houses often feature exclusive beach access, allowing guests to enjoy the state’s beautiful coastline in privacy. Whether you’re looking to sunbathe, swim, or take a romantic walk along the shore, these properties provide a secluded and serene beach experience.

Proximity to Cultural Attractions

Staying in a luxury holiday house in Rhode Island means you’re never far from the state’s rich cultural attractions. Visit historic mansions, art galleries, and theaters, or enjoy a day at one of the many festivals and events that take place throughout the year. The strategic locations of these properties ensure you can easily explore all that Rhode Island has to offer.


Experience the pinnacle of luxury and comfort by choosing one of Rhode Island’s finest holiday houses for your next vacation. With their unmatched locations, historic charm, and exclusive amenities, these homes offer a unique and unforgettable experience. From oceanfront elegance in Newport to colonial splendor in Providence. Each property promises a stay that combines opulence with the rich cultural heritage of Rhode Island.